Corporate Governance

Certainty is at the core of the needs of our institutional clients. At Propertylink we have implemented a number of structural, behavioral and governance protocols to increase the security of our operation and the certainty we provide to our clients.

These include:


A public company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange with a widely held share register, we meet the legal and reporting compliance required of an ASX company to meet our shareholders’ expectations.


We hold an Australian Financial Services licence (Number 338189) which permits us to establish and operate institutional investments on behalf of retail wholesale investors subject to quarterly reporting and an annual audit.


We maintain a Board, with an independent chairman and a majority of independent directors, which has retained powers for all major decisions pertaining to the company and must provide unanimous approval for any acquisition, investment proposal or transaction relating to the share capital of the company.


We have in place pro-active risk management structures and processes, in line with the institutional focus, of our business enabling early identification and assessment of risk.

Corporate Governance Statement