How we work

Our client is at the heart of our business. We foster long term relationships, open sharing of knowledge & thinking and shared risk & reward.

Independence means an absence of conflicts and gives us the freedom to advise based on the best available options and our ethical standards insist that we do so.

Together with our clients, four other ‘C’s’ describe our approach to the identification and structuring of better opportunities; the market knowledge and approach to deliver meticulously; and clear exit strategies delivering better risk adjusted returns.

Propertylink Australian Industrial Partnership (PAIP)

Propertylink has established a club with Goldman Sachs and The Grosvenor Group to invest in Australian industrial assets. With current assets of nearly $700 million, the vehicle focuses on assets which present the opportunity for Propertylink, with its broad in-house skill base, to add value or to achieve higher yields and total return by taking some calculated lease risk and optimising the assets through intensive asset management. Usually this is where there is a fundamentally sound asset in a good location, with current or pending vacancy such as traditional multi-let estates and single tenant distribution centres.

Since it was launched in early 2014, Propertylink has grown the portfolio to it’s current size which has a strong weighting towards NSW and Victoria. The vehicle has delivered double digit cash distribution yields since interception and began disposition of assets with enhanced returns exceeding 30% IRR.

New solutions

Highest level of governance including an independent Board. Our goal is to create certainty  and transparency for our clients.

  • Identifying locations that are undervalued in current market terms or with medium term growth potential above the market as a whole Active management or development ideas creating incremental value in the asset
  • Financing or structuring solutions to access arbitrage opportunities or relate to an individual client’s particular financial scenario