Our Strategy

Propertylink’s objective is to provide securityholders and investors in our external funds with superior risk adjusted returns from Australian industrial and office real estate.

Our core strategies

Invest in a portfolio of industrial properties in the major Australian markets that provide a stable and diversified earnings profile with potential income and capital growth. Co-invest in external funds, maintaining a target 5-25% share of equity and providing alignment of interests with global institutional investors along with the ability to share in the returns offered by the funds.

Enhance the portfolio of assets owned and held in external funds through active asset management. Leveraging Propertylink’s expertise as a skilled active manager of real estate, this is delivered through acquisitions, asset repositioning, targeted capital expenditure, development and divestments.

Grow the investment management business by expanding existing funds, securing new investment mandates, expanding our investment network and establishing new external funds while continuing to grow our wholly owned industrial portfolio to maintain a stable and diverse earnings profile.

Maintain a conservative capital structure across our balance sheet and external funds with a target balance sheet gearing range of 30% to 40%.


We have identified four key strategic themes to drive long term value for our securityholders and investors in our external funds.


Long-term view to reposition existing commercial or industrial sites for alternate use, based on urbanisation trends and requirements

Last mile logistics

Focussed on in-fill locations with easy access to CBD and key residential areas to facilitate final stage of ecommerce supply chain

Aging population

Rising demand for medical services driving medical-related users to increase occupation of office and industrial facilities


Utilising technology to drive greater efficiencies in existing real estate plus the development of new sectors driven by growth in the technology and communications industry