20 • Jun • 18

Propertylink launches first sustainability report

Propertylink today is proud to launch its first Sustainability Report as part of it’s commitment to good responsible investment practices.

Propertylink’s Managing Director and CEO, Stuart Dawes said recognising that environment, social and governance factors can be consequential to Propertylink’s business, the interests of their stakeholders and to investment performance, Propertylink is working to mitigate associated risks and leverage opportunities where available.

“We made significant progress against our sustainability objectives in 2017 through the implementation of environment improvement projects in our properties, the delivery of community support initiatives, along with advancements in environmental data management and reporting and the commencement of participation in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB),” said Mr Dawes.

During 2018 Propertylink will further progress it’s sustainability strategy with the deployment of solar plant, a review of material ESG issues and the implementation of a staff engagement survey.

You can read more about Propertylink’s approach to sustainability on our website.