Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy – Download PDF

1. Context

Propertylink Group (“Propertylink”) is an A-REIT, listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Propertylink is an internally managed real estate group that owns and manages a diversified portfolio of logistics, business park and office properties. It is a leading investment and asset management business focusing on core, core plus and value-add investments. This Sustainability Policy is complemented by our suite of corporate codes and policies, including Code of Conduct, Conflict of Interest Policy and Diversity Policy, to form Propertylink’s full commitment and approach to sustainability.

2. Philosophy

Propertylink defines sustainability as the sustainment or enhancement of long-term shareholder value and stakeholder wellbeing through the management of material social, environmental and governance factors. Propertylink recognises that good responsible investment practices are increasingly important to many investors. Good sustainability practices in the development and management of our assets makes a meaningful contribution to environmental and social sustainability and can enhance asset value, including through strengthening our relationships with our tenants. Good practices in our workplace and the way in which we employ and engage our team can improve their work experience, wellbeing and productivity.

3. Application and Responsibility

This Policy applies to all Propertylink operations and investment vehicles. Implementation is the responsibility of all Propertylink employees and directors.

4. Commitment

Propertylink commits to:

4.1 Reducing the greenhouse gas, energy, water and waste footprint of our properties under management.

4.2 Reducing the life-cycle environment impacts of building materials in our developments and management of standing assets.

4.3 Conserving bio-diversity and high-ecological value habitat at our properties and development sites.

4.4 Managing climate and extreme weather risk to properties.

4.5 Creating good quality places for people on our property sites.

4.6 Providing good indoor environmental quality in our office properties.

4.7 Ensuring a high standard of health and safety in our offices and properties and providing employment conditions that supports good employee well-being.

4.8 Reducing the greenhouse gas, energy and waste footprint of our corporate operations.

4.9 Supporting the market uptake of new sustainability-related technologies where appropriate.

5. Approach

To meet its commitments Propertylink will apply the following principles:

5.1 Partnership: We enhance our relationships with and value for our stakeholders.

5.2 Innovation: We are creative in how we think and practical in application.

5.3 Legacy: We seek to leave our properties in better shape than when we acquired them.

5.4 Meticulousness: We implement to a high quality.

5.5 Integration: We build sustainability into the fabric of our business.

Specifically, we will:

5.6 Identify and appropriately manage environmental, social and governance risks associated with our investments, business or key stakeholders.

5.7 Engage our tenants and investors to understand their changing needs and relevant sustainability issues.

5.8 Be transparent with our performance on sustainability, including annual reporting and using industry benchmarks such as NABERS and Green Star.

5.9 Set and report against performance targets.

5.10 Educate our staff, tenants and investors as required.

5.11 Comply with all legal requirements.

5.12 Continuously improve.

6. Review

This Policy will be reviewed every two years at a minimum by the Audit and Risk